Thursday, 8 November 2012


While on a lovely trip to Belbury taking tea with the vicar last week, we found a great curiosity in a local 'vintage' shop; a vinyl copy of Ron Geesin and Roger Waters' music from The Body.

The album is still in print, not surprisingly given the Pink Floyd interest, and provokes some quite contrasting reviews!

As fascinating and brilliantly strange as the music is, it really needs to be seen in context (like all film music. Discuss), so I was pleased to find a bit of Roy Battersby's 1970 documentary movie on the ubiquitous YouTube. Enjoy this (mildly NSFW) snippet.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bring Back 1997

I stumbled happily upon Weller at the BBC last week. Whatever you think of his more recent output or his status as 'The Modfather', the man is something of a legend, and his 90s output is fantastic, at least in my book.

But what was this, nothing from Heavy Soul? My favourite Weller album overlooked! To right that wrong here's a little clip I found from Later... featuring the mighty Matt Deighton on guitar and the ever-funky Yolanda Charles on bass. Why the BBC doesn't get me to curate this stuff is beyond me.